Although many web initiative focus on engaging your audience, the web can also play a big role in helping you better run your organization. In today's online world if you are still using spreadsheets then you clearly do not know the power of web. It is time to deploy a solution for your whole team which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

CELECT provides dedicated and fully customized CRM systems which are project and process specific. Specifically directed towards BPO industry these solutions are customized for specific business needs. We provide something which the ready made solutions can never do. We help you to define, design and develop a custom application which will be specific to your needs.


  • Customized specifically to your needs and processes.
  • Based on Web Convergence Framework, so that means you can manage all of you stuff by yourself, no dependence on us or your programmers.
  • Ships with extensive system integration kits via various formats for integration with any existing or new system.
  • Constant and intuitive new features coming almost every three months.
  • Full upward compatability.
  • CELECT Enterprise Delivery (CEED) based dedicated support structure.