Celect provide 3M electromagnetic systems for Library collection security. Versatile 3M products like tattle tape, detection systems and circulation accessories are supported by our Enterprise Delivery support structure to ensure smooth deployment and faster integration.

Electromagnetic Technology is the most used library security worldwide, protecting billions of books and other media. Electromagnetic systems are based on proven technology and do not harm magnetic media. The magnetic strips are difficult to detect and remove, and can't be shielded by the human body or other materials.

A magnetic strip is affixed to a book, CD, DVD or video. During check-out, if an item has not been deactivated, the security gate at the library's exit will detect the strip and sound an alarm. When the item is returned, the electromagnetic strip is reactivated. Electromagnetic systems do not read or respond to barcodes or RFID tags. Their sole function is to detect the unauthorized removals of materials.

Electromagnetic security systems are reliable and effective, and the most resistant to tampering and removal. Systems that operate on electromagnetic technology provide the highest level of security to help your library better protect its collection.


  • Celect provides RFID Consultancy, System Integration & System Deployment services for RFID and EM library automation.