Secure 3D Identity

The 3D Identity system is developed with an comprehensive approach to secure Identity based on a extensive and integrated framework

Identity cards are simply used for identification purposes. In an organization, ID cards are normally worn as an identification mark indicating that, the one with the ID card is an employee of the organization. Similarly, in schools ID cards for students, faculty, staff and visitors increase the visibility of individuals who do not belong to the campus.

Use our smart Identity cards to create a secure perimeter to ensure that ID cards are not just plastic prints but secure and dependable assets. Forging a card like RFID is very difficult and it greatly minimizes security risks.

Advantages of Secure 3D Identity

  • RFID/Smart Card based IdentityForgery and Counterfeit is next to impossible
  • Single Card - Multiple Applications One single Secure 3D Identity card to take care of all the associated applications

  • Improve Productivity Identity is pre-registered electronically. The system can be integrated with the facility's HR system, as well as      other business and security systems.
  • Faster Processing System ensures faster processing, catering more persons in less time
  • Integrated The system is integrated to use an existing IT infrastructure to connect multiple entrances, locations and reporting tools.
  • Power of Cloud Put the complete system on web through our cloud offering and get delighted by the power of web