Digital signage, a way to display advertisement, information or news on electronic display device to the public at public place, Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Airport and the list goes on.

Digital Signage consist of several hardware with a centrlised Digital Signage server. Digital Signage Display uses multiple screens at multiple location. Digital Signage requires Digital Signage Software. Digital Signage Software installed on server and Digital Signage Display unit.

Celect Provides both the hardware and the software support for the Digital signage Purposes. Our Digital Signage Software provides a reliable and sound solution.


  • Easy to use web interface
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Upload images
  • Interactivity and Openness
  • Content Creation
  • Robust and Scalable
  • Scheduling and workflow

A Digital Signage network installation consists of the following:

  • A High Definition (HD) Display
  • Digital Signage Player PC
  • Data Communication Link
  • Digital Signage Manager Software
  • FTP Server


  • Display Time Table
  • Display Lecture Information for individual Lecture Halls on 32” Displays.
  • Display Information on Exam Schedules and Events on Scrolling Tickers
  • Display University Videos and Power point presentation
  • Welcome Scrolling messages of Guests visiting the university