A Unique smart card can be used like credit or debit cards to facilitate cashless transactions across campus.

The 3D Identity System structure and data access conditions make it the most secured media for cashless transaction. Every point of sale will have access to the 3D Identity system through secure cards and a card reader. The system will be connected to a centralized information repository and all access will be through modern browsers.

This system is best integrated with touch screen kiosks to ensure minimum queues and maximum user satisfaction. The system with centralized billing and pre paid schemes saves time for all and presents a co-related MIS.


  • Centralized Billing and MIS is centralized ensuring a seamless flow at point of sales
  • Simple browser based access no complex driver and application installations.
  • Power of Cloud Put the complete system on web through our cloud offering and get delighted by the power of web
  • Secure Use of secure contactless technologies makes the system highly secure and affordable.
  • Faster Processing System ensures faster processing, catering more persons in less time.