Celect Weapons Management provides a Biometrics based automatic weapons issue and return. Through this software the user can make faster and more reliable circulations because of the use of biometric scanner. This enhance the security and reduce the chance of errors .

System allows the weapon issue only to authorized users only after proper authentication process through the fingerprint scanner. After issue when user comes to return the particular Weapon it will re-authenticate the user details and the issue details and match the details if details matched then weapon returned sucessfully else not.

Solution Includes:

  • User Management: Provide a Convenient way to manage the all users and provide acces of the software only those users who are authorised to access the system by finger print matching.
  • Stock Management: Provides Stock Management and give the information about availability of the weapon.
  • MIS - Monthly Reports/Daily reports as per user requirement.
  • Circulation(weapon Issue/Return): Provide biometric Based user authentication and Issue/Return.


  • Faster and secure cirulations
  • Provide Greater Security measures
  • Easy Stock Maintainace
  • Reporting Facility Provide Record Checking