Security has become a matter of paramount concern in every modern organization today. A visitor who is stranger to the organization needs a monitoring from the security perspective. Other than hire enough security guards to police every facility and access point, what can organizations do to improve security today? Typically organizations keep a Visitor Register in which the visitor would scribble his/her details. But visitors can fake their identities and When it comes to view the past details it turns to be time consuming & unreliable.

Visitor Management is one of the very important aspects of security management. It helps in capturing the details about the visitors in a systematic manner and maintains a repository of the same. Visitor Management is a process of allowing visitors to enter the premises based on appointment, creation of identification badges and managing the Security staff deployment for effective control over the security.


  • RFID, Biometric and CCTV Technologies we provide a cost effective solution for Visitors Management System.
  • Our application is capable of capturing data of the visitors, printing visiting cards and generates MIS reports. It also manages employee appointments. Visitors will have to wear smart cards with lanyards once they are in the campus and return them at the exit.
  • system ships with ready integration for biometric USB Fingerprint reader, signature PAD, CCTV and high resolution web camera for anytime upgrade features


  • Fast Processes More visitors in less time span
  • Improve visitor service Because they are pre-registered or can be registered quickly, visitors are made to feel expected and welcome.
  • Appointment scheduler A centralized web based appointment scheduler
  • Alerts Email/SMS and IP phone integration is available

Visitor Management system based solutions

VMS Self Registration Kiosk

Visitor Self Registration System helps you to simplify the workflow of enrolling your visitors,With a web-connected online visitor management kiosk which is strategically installed at a visually prominent and key point location at the office main reception, it can help to automate the visitor registration process and allows the enrollment of multiple visitors all in one go.their entry and exit time, Vehicle details, Items carried etc.

VMS for Residential Apartments

Apartment Visitor Management Software is a perfect and smart solution to manage and track Visitors, Guest, Daily Workers, Contract Labors, Servants etc., of Residential complexes, apartments, housing colonies, etc. The Apartment Visitor Management System will maintain the records with Visitor Photo.Keep track of visitors coming to your home and prevent unwanted visitors to enter, from anywhere you are.