Bibliotheca B-2 Tattle Tape Security Strips are a ultra-thin and double-sided which provide Electromagnetic (EM) security for your library books and periodicals. The extra-long liner makes it easier to insert the strip deeply into the gutter, making it virtually undetectable. These strips cannot be shielded by the human body, or other common objects, providing effective and reliable security for your assets.

Box Size: 100

Unit Size: length 165 mm

Key Features:

  • Strips reactivate to 100% signal strength
  • For less rigid books and periodicals
  • Double-sided strips have extra strong
  • Strip inserts deep into the gutter between pages with extra long liner makes them easier to apply
  • Virtually impossible to find and remove
  • Archival quality, double-sided adhesive will not degrade library materials
  • Compatible with Bibliotheca electromagnetic security systems