The Bibliotheca(TM)Mini RFID Tracking Pad is the latest RFID Tracking Pad from Bibliotheca. Designed for compatibility, the mini tracking pad will work with systems that already have a Bibliotheca tracking pad. With enhanced aesthetics, the new mini tracking pad looks great on a desk or counter top and includes several new features including user interface lights for a quick confirmation of a successful transaction or event.

Box Size: 1

Unit Size: (18.4 cm x 16.5 cm)

The mini tracking pad also helps address the need to find an outlet, as the pad is fully powered from the USB port on your PC or laptop. The compact size also makes this the ideal reader for mobile applications. A laptop and the Bibliotheca(TM) Mini RFID Tracking Pad allow you to work from anywhere you please. With these new features the mini tracking pad is the perfect complement to your existing Track and Trace solution.

The Bibliotheca(TM) Mini RFID Tracking Pad will also be the first tracking pad offered for sale through distribution. Do you need a compact portable reader for your tracking application? Look for the Bibliotheca(TM) Tracking Pad Developers Kit from your favorite electronics distributor.

Key Features

  • Low Profile Aesthetic Form
  • Great for Mobile Applications
  • UL & FCC Certified
  • Integrated Antenna
  • USB Powered
  • User Interface Lights
  • Standard Connector (Mini USB)


  • Bibliotheca Mini RFID Tracking Pad
  • USB Cable