3M™ CR1000 is designed for enterprise class applications and features best-in-class air interface performance. Designed with parking and gated entrances in mind, the Compact RFID Reader 1000 line has models supporting frequencies and communications standards worldwide. This reader provides an intuitive installation wizard allowing the user to be able to begin reading tags within minutes.

Box Size: 1

Unit Size: L9.72 x W7.25 x D2.2 in (246.7 X 184.15 X 55.6 mm)


  • Frequency: UHF 902 to 928 MHz
  • Regional Compatibility: Regions compatible with FCC regulations
  • Air Interface: High performance radio and modem subsystems employing sophisticated DSP technology and advanced singulation      algorithms that optimize read rates in a wide range of end-user applications.
  • Regulatory: Compliant to RoHS, FCC Part 15, IC RSS 210, and IEC 60950
  • Operating Modes: Single Interrogator, Multiple Interrogator, Dense Interrogator
  • Communications: 10/100 Ethernet Port USB1.1 Type B port Serial Port EIA/TIA-232-F 115 kBaud with hardware handshaking      (RTS/CTS)


  • Power: RF Power: +30 dBm, conducted (FCC), Input Power: 24VDC. 10W idle, 18W typical (20W maximum) at 30dBm.
  • Antenna Connection: RP-TNC connectors. (reverse polarity)


  • Weight: 4.5 lbs (2.1 kgs).
  • LED Indicators: Power, Activity, Environment/User, Status.
  • Dimensions(LxWxD): 9.72 X 7.25 X 2.2 in (246.7 X 184.15 X 55.6 mm).


  • Opertaing Temperature: Standard: -20°C to 55°C (-7°F to 131°F), Extended: -55°C to +85°C.
  • Relative Humidity: 5 to 95%, non-condensing.


  • The Compact RFID Reader 1000 is available in 4- and 8-port versions.