Barcodes are read at ultra high-speeds and depending on the scanning tool used, potentially the thousands of items can be scanned and processed with ina seconds. In addition barcode labels offers a level of consistency that unmatched through manual data entry approaches. Thats why now a days Barcode Labels processes a vast criteria of applications Like Indsutrial applications, tracking, manufacturing processes and inventory with barcode labels and many more.

They are of two types:

  • 1-D Barcode Labels
  • 2-D Barcode Labels

The Labels with Ulta-thin RFID chips used for tracking management systems. For those labels some kind of stickers can be used to protect the RFID chip.

These stickers are used to provide more protection and security to the labels and also make it more interactive and different.


  • Automotives
  • Chemical industry applications
  • Logistics Management
  • Tracking management
  • Retail Management
  • Asset Tracking